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Gonzalo E. Mena

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I am a Data Science Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University, working in the lab of Pierre Jacob. Previously, I did my PhD in Statistics at Columbia University with Liam Paninski. During my PhD days I had a stint at Google Brain as an intern, where I was hosted by Jasper Snoek.

The picture above is from my hometown: Santiago, Chile. There I obtained by B.S. in Mathematical Engineering at Universidad de Chile.


I am a computational statistician who is interested in developing scalable, robust and interpretable methods and algorithms for making sense of the large volumes of data that are routinely collected with modern technologies in science. As of today my focus is mostly methodological; some questions I am interested in are (the list is not exhaustive): what makes popular algorithms work well in certain regimes (e.g. dimension) but not in others, what makes models robust, and how can we desing robust algorithms. I believe the three statistical, computational and mathematical perspectives are quite relevant to tackle those questions.

I do enjoy working with real data: in my PhD I developed algorithms for extracting neural signals from recordings, and I am looking forward to starting new collaborations involving data.