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Gonzalo E. Mena

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I am a Florence Nightingale Bicentennial Fellow and Tutor in
Computational Statistics and Machine Learning at the University of Oxford. Prior to that, I was a Data Science Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University, working in the lab of Pierre Jacob. Previously, I did my PhD in Statistics at Columbia University mentored by Liam Paninski, where I developed algorithms for extracting neural signals from recordings.

I am originally from Santiago, Chile. There I obtained by B.S. in Mathematical Engineering at Universidad de Chile.


I develop robust, efficient and theoretically sound statistical methodology for tackling problems in life sciences that involve data. My experience is mostly in neuroscience and epidemiology, but I am open to other problems as well. On a more theoretical side, I am interested in enhancing our understanding of the statistical and computational aspects of entropic optimal transport, so new statistical procedures and algorithms can be derived. Finally, from a machine learning perspective, I am interested in the representation of complex combinatorial objects, such as permutations.