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Gonzalo E. Mena

Researcher in Machine Learning and its aplications; in particular, to Neural Data analysis.

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I’m a PhD fifth year PhD student in the
Statistics Department, Columbia University. My advisor is Liam Paninski. I am interested in Statistical Machine Learning and its applications, particularly to Neural data analysis.

A big part of my dissertation is a collaboration with EJ Chichilnisky’s Lab at Stanford University where we are advancing new ML-based technologies to enable large-scale closed-loop control of neural activity in the retina based on electrical stimulation. This has the potential to improve our understanding of neural circuits (even beyond the retina) and to enhance the resolution of future retinal prosthesis. The open-source Code I developed (see the recently published paper) is already being used to analyze huge volumes of neural data.

The picture above is from my hometown: Santiago, Chile. There I obtained by B.S. in Mathematical Engineering at Universidad de Chile