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Gonzalo E. Mena

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I am a Florence Nightingale Bicentennial Fellow and Tutor in
Computational Statistics and Machine Learning at the University of Oxford.
Prior to that, I was a Data Science Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University, working in the lab of Pierre Jacob.
Previously, I did my PhD in Statistics at Columbia University mentored by Liam Paninski.
I am originally from Santiago, Chile. There I obtained by B.Sc. in Mathematical Engineering at Universidad de Chile.


I develop robust, efficient and theoretically sound statistical methodology for tackling problems in life sciences involving data. My experience comes from Neuroscience and Epidemiology, but I am always eager to explore challenges in other fields as well. I am particularly interested in using/analyzing tools coming from Bayesian statistics, because of its practical appeal, and from Optimal Transport, where I have grown a more theoretical/methodological interest; I explore the computational and statistical aspects of entropic Optimal Transport in order to derive new sensible statistical procedures.

Please go to my Google Scholar profile for the most up-to date list of my publicly available scholarly work.



  • Since September 2021, I am part of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee at the Department of Statistics, University of Oxford.
  • Since September 2021, I am a Lecturer at Corpus Christi College, and a Senior Lecturer at a University College, Oxford.
  • Since July 2020, I co-organize the Oxford Computational Statistics and Machine Learning (OxCSML) Seminar