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Gonzalo E. Mena

Researcher in Machine Learning and its aplications to Science.

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  • S. Linderman*, G. Mena*, H. Cooper, J. Cunningham, L. Paninksi
    Reparameterizing the Birkhoff Polytope for Permutation Variational Inference
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  • S. Madugula*, G. Mena*, L. Grosberg, V. Fan, P. Hottowy, W.Dabrowski, A. Sher, A. Litke, L. Paninski, E.J. Chichilnisky
    Large-scale analysis of patterned epiretinal stimulation for prosthesis design
    The Eye and The Chip,


  • G. Mena, L. Grosberg, S. Madugula, , P. Hottowy, A. Litke, J. Cunningham, L. Paninksi and E.J. Chichilnisky
    Large-scale spike sorting for the analysis of electrical stimulation and a first application
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  • G. Mena L. Grosberg, S. Madugula, P. Hottowy, A. Litke, J. Cunningham, L. Paninksi and E.J. Chichilnisky
    Large-scale separation of neural spikes from electrical stimulation artifacts
    Accepted to PLOS Computational Biology,
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    			title = {Electrical Stimulus Artifact Cancellation and Neural Spike Detection on Large Multi-Electrode Arrays},
    			year = {2016},
    			doi = {10.1101/089912},
    			publisher = {Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory},
    			abstract = {Simultaneous electrical stimulation and recording using multi-electrode arrays can provide a valuable technique for studying circuit connectivity and engineering neural interfaces. However, interpreting these recordings is challenging because the spike sorting process (identifying and segregating action potentials arising from different neurons) is greatly complicated by electrical stimulation artifacts across the array, which can exhibit complex and nonlinear waveforms. Here we develop a scalable algorithm based on a structured Gaussian Process model to estimate and subtract the artifact. The effectiveness of our method is demonstrated in both real and simulated 512-electrode recordings in the peripheral primate retina, with single and two-electrode electrical stimulation. This technology may be helpful in the design of future high-resolution sensory prostheses based on tailored stimulation (e.g., retinal prostheses), and for closed-loop neural stimulation at a much larger scale than currently possible.},
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  • G. Mena* and L. Grosberg*, F. Kellison-Linn, F., Chichilnisky E.J. and L. Paninski
    Large-scale Multi Electrode Array Spike Sorting Algorithm Introducing Concurrent Recording and Stimulation
    NIPS workshop on Statistical Methods for Understanding Neural Systems
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  • G. Mena and L. Paninski
    On quadrature methods for refractory point process likelihoods.
    Neural Computation
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  • B.S. thesis in mathematical engineering (spanish)
    Aportes a la teoría de ecuaciones diferenciales estocásticas reflejadas y al modelamiento de procesos neurobiológicos subyacentes a fenómenos cognitivos, 2011
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      title={Aportes a la teor{\'\i}a de ecuaciones diferenciales estoc{\'a}sticas reflejadas y al modelamiento de procesos neurobiol{\'o}gicos subyacentes a fen{\'o}menos cognitivos},
      author={Mena Carrasco, Gonzalo Esteban},
      publisher={Universidad de Chile}